metallic uranium

metallic uranium
металлический уран

[lang name="English"]uranium family — ряд урана

[lang name="English"]uranium mining — добыча урана

[lang name="English"]lumped uranium — уран в блоках

[lang name="English"]uranium nitride — нитрид урана

[lang name="English"]uranium oxide — двуокись урана

English-Russian dictionary on nuclear energy. 2015.

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  • uranium processing — Introduction       preparation of the ore for use in various products.       Uranium (U), although very dense (19.1 grams per cubic centimetre), is a relatively weak, nonrefractory metal. Indeed, the metallic properties of uranium appear to be… …   Universalium

  • uranium oxide — noun : any of a series of oxides of uranium that are usually regarded as definite compounds but are better considered phases with a range of compositions: as a. : the dioxide UO2 or approximately UO2.0 2.6(?) obtained as a brown to black… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Uranium — (pronEng|jʊˈreɪniəm) is a silvery gray metallic chemical element in the actinide series of the periodic table that has the symbol U and atomic number 92. It has 92 protons and 92 electrons, 6 of them valence electrons. It can have between 141 and …   Wikipedia

  • uranium — [yoo rā′nē əm] n. [ModL: so named (1789) by M. H. Klaproth (see TELLURIUM), its discoverer, after URANUS, recently (1781) discovered planet + IUM] a very hard, heavy, silver colored, radioactive, metallic chemical element, one of the actinides,… …   English World dictionary

  • uranium — Symbol: U Atomic number: 92 Atomic weight: (231) White radioactive metallic element belonging to the actinoids. Three natural isotopes, U 238, U 235 and U 234. Uranium 235 is used as the fuel for nuclear reactors and weapons. Discovered by Martin …   Elements of periodic system

  • uranium — rare metallic element, 1797, named 1789 in Modern Latin by its discoverer, German chemist and mineralogist Martin Heinrich Klaproth (1743 1817), for the recently found planet URANUS (Cf. Uranus) (q.v.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • uranium — ► NOUN ▪ a grey dense radioactive metallic chemical element used as a fuel in nuclear reactors. ORIGIN from the planet Uranus …   English terms dictionary

  • uranium — /yoo ray nee euhm/, n. Chem. a white, lustrous, radioactive, metallic element, occurring in pitchblende, and having compounds that are used in photography and in coloring glass. The 235 isotope is used in atomic and hydrogen bombs and as a fuel… …   Universalium

  • Uranium-238 — Infobox isotope background =#fc6 text color = image caption = 10 gram sample alternate names = mass number =238 symbol =U num neutrons =146 num protons =92 abundance = 99.284% halflife = 4.46 billion years error halflife = decay product = Thorium …   Wikipedia

  • uranium — A radioactive metallic element, atomic no. 92, atomic wt. 238.0289, occurring mainly in pitchblende and notable for its two isotopes: 238U and 235U (99.2745% and 0.720%, respectively, the rest being made up by 234U), 235U being the first… …   Medical dictionary

  • Uranium — (U)   A heavy, naturally radioactive, metallic element (atomic number 92). Its two principally occurring isotopes are uranium 235 and uranium 238. Uranium 235 is indispensable to the nuclear industry because it is the only isotope existing in… …   Energy terms

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